Sunday, September 20, 2009

2009 Historical Fiction Reading Challenge - Completed

(Hosted at Paperback Swap Historical Fiction Forum)

1. Read a book of Historical Fiction that is written about a "new to you" time period, person, or location.
Until I Have No Country: A Novel of King Philip's War in New England by Michael J. Tougias **COMPLETED 6/14/09**
2. Read a book of Historical Fiction set in your region. (California)
The Strange Files of Fremont Jones by Dianne Day **COMPLETED 9/20/09**
3. Read a book of Historical Fiction that has been on your shelf for at least a year. If you don't have a year-old book, read one of the books you have had the longest.
A Plague on Both Your Houses by Susanna Gregory **COMPLETED 6/25/09**
4. Read a book of Historical Fiction from a "new to you" author.
The Vanishing Point by Mary Sharratt **COMPLETED 8/15/09**
5. Read a book of Historical Fiction with the word "murder" in the title.
Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Murder: A Revolutionary War Mystery by Karen Swee **COMPLETED 6/16/09**
6. Solve a crime! Read one Historical Mystery.
Mistress of the Art of Death by Ariana Franklin **COMPLETED 7/27/09**
7. Be a patron of the arts! Read one book about a famous work of art, music, or the theatre.
The Passion of Artemisia by Susan Vreeland **COMPLETED 7/14/09**
8. Viva La Revolution! Read one Historical Fiction book about a revolution, set in the location of your choice.
Cassandra, Lost by Joanna Catherine Scott **COMPLETED 7/29/09**
9. Off with her head! Read one book of Historical Fiction that has a headless lady on the cover. We'll poke a bit of fun at the trend of including headless ladies on last year's H/F books. ;-)
The Winthrop Woman by Anya Seton **COMPLETED 7/17/09**
10. Feed your brain! Read one non-fiction history book. The topic is up to you!
Celia, A Slave by Melton Mclaurin **COMPLETED 6/13/09**
BONUS GOAL: Find a book that is 1,000 or more pages and read, read, and read some more....
A Breath of Snow and Ashes by Diana Gabaldon **COMPLETED 7/12/09**


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