Thursday, October 8, 2009

Confessions of a Bibliophile

I recently discovered that I am a hopeless bibliophile, and even with a rather large pile of books to be read, for some reason I still find myself browsing for more. I tell myself that books have become my hobby, or my main form of entertainment, in the same way people might collect piles of DVDs or little chicken figurines. Photobucket

I think I came to this conclusion when I looked at the number of books that I've been acquiring on a weekly basis (thanks to Mailbox Monday) and compared that to the number of books that I have been able to actually complete in the same amount of time. My husband has started grumbling again about my pile of books. So, I'm hoping to cut back on my book orders, and I need to stop browsing around for more books before I read some more of the ones piled up here waiting to be read. It will be hard, but maybe I can stick with it for at least, oh, a week maybe? Photobucket


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