Tuesday, October 27, 2009

What's On Your Nightstand - October

What's On Your Nightstand

Every 4th Tuesday of each month, 5 Minutes for Books hosts an event called What's On Your Nightstand? It gives book bloggers a chance to connect with each other and see what we are reading and planning to read.

For my introductory post in this bookish carnival, I thought I'd take an actual picture of the books on my nightstand (but stacked a bit more nicely than usual, LOL).

These are all books that are in various stages of being read (each one has a bookmark in them and I'm working on reading them). The pile is a bit larger than I usually have going at one time, I think partly because I've stalled out on a couple. But here's a list of the books:

I doubt I will finish all of these this month. I actually finished What the Best College Teachers Do last night, but I am still digesting it to write a review. I really want to have A River Runs Through It and Other Stories finished by the end of the month too.

Later in the month, I am planning to try to fit in Legends of the Fall by Jim Harrison (for the November Novella Challenge) and The Lightning Thief by Rick Riordan (for the 1st in a Series Challenge).

So, that's what's on my nightstand. :) What's on yours?


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