Saturday, January 30, 2010

A Few More Links - January 31

I have done a lot of web surfing over the past week (I'm an admitted blog addict) and started to think maybe I should link up some of the more interesting events, websites, and blog posts that I have come across recently. I haven't decided if this will become a weekly event or something I put together when I'm feeling in the mood, but I'm calling it A Few More Links.

Featured event:

Are you a fan of mysteries? Consider getting involved with Jen's Detectives Around the World theme week at Jen's Book Thoughts.

E-mail her and she'll send you more details on what you can do if you're interested in participating. I'm going to be participating! I do love a good mystery from time to time. I hope you'll jump on board too!

On TV:

✵ Part 2 of 3 of the PBS Masterpiece Classic Emma airs on Sunday evening at 9/8 Central. Join the Emma Twitter party during the show, using the #emma_pbs hashtag.

✵ American Experience on PBS is airing The Donner Party on Monday evening at 9/8 Central. OK, so not entirely linked to books, but there are some great books about it! A recent book on the event is Desperate Passage: The Donner Party's Perilous Journey West by Ethan Rarick.

Interesting reading: 

✵ The Neverending Bookshelf reported interesting results from an earlier survey held about blog contests.

✵ Ellz Reads sparked a fascinating conversation about library censorship.

✵ My Friend Amy tweeted a link to a blog post about Reading Addiction. Not sure if I should take it seriously or giggle at it.

✵ Pam at tweeted the link to a news story about a California School District's decision to ban the Mirriam-Webster Dictionary from their classrooms for being "sexually graphic" and "not age appropriate." I'm speechless. I wonder if they're going to ban the encyclopedias from the library too.

✵ Author Mitali Perkins has been doing a fascinating series on YA/children's books featuring persons of color on the cover or with persons of color as main characters. First she polled librarians and booksellers about the sales rates of books with PoC on the cover. Then she featured a list of books with PoC protagonists that are popular among teens in many communities. The discussion being formed in this is really fascinating and I've been watching it with interest.

✵ Debbie Reese at the American Indians in Children's Literature blog challenged the participants in the PoC Reading Challenge to commit to reading those books critically and to learn what critics of color are saying about PoC portrayals in literature.

✵ My Friend Amy blogged about being a Public Reader and asked the question, "Why do you read and why do you talk about what you read?"

✵ I was shocked by this article at The Millions called Confessions of a Book Pirate. Suffice it to say that I am not a fan of book pirates.

    So that's what caught my interest on Twitter and in my Google Reader over the past week (a few more links than I expected, but it's been an interesting week!).

    Have a great Sunday!


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