Saturday, February 20, 2010

Bookish Etsy Stores I Love!

Today, I had the urge to share a few Etsy stores that carry some really cool book-related items that I love.

I adore A Spoonful of Chocolate Hope. She makes the coolest handbags made out of books that I've ever seen! I love the one above (made from a book of Shakespeare's comedies) and am constantly drooling over her newest creations. She had an Alice in Wonderland bag that was to die for! Someday I will save up enough money to splurge on one of her great handbags.

Tyler Bender Book Co. builds colorful notebooks from recycled, vintage and other salvaged materials. These notebooks are handmade, and some of the covers are so much fun. I'd love to get one with a clever cover for use as a journal. The one pictured here above is one of my favorites.

Creative Moments makes a variety of handmade items, including fabric book covers and bookmarks. I like fabric book covers because they protect my paperbacks when I shove them in my purse. :-) This Etsy store makes bookcovers in mass market size and in trade size. I like the fabric selection--it's a nice variety of pretty fabrics.


Past Times Genealogy If you really like this kind of thing (checking out handmade items at Etsy) I highly recommend that you check out the Fire and Ice blog. They host many giveaways of Etsy items and quite often the items are book-themed or book-related (they review YA books too). Right now they have a bunch of Alice in Wonderland themed items being given away (see the right column on their blog for their list of current giveaways).


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