Sunday, February 28, 2010

A Few More Links - February 28

So it appears that so far I have only been successful in posting this link round-up once a month. LOL I'll try to do it a bit more often, as I fear this one will be very, very long.

  • PBS American Experience is airing a new Dolley Madison biopic on Monday!

    DolleyDolley Madison
    Watch the trailer
    Monday, March 1 (check local listings)
    Her legacy lives on today in Washington, DC’s identity and social atmosphere. As a skillful diplomat, humanitarian, style icon, doting mother, and politically savvy hostess, Dolley Madison defined the role of the President’s wife and became the “first” First Lady, and in the process, changed the face of the American presidency. Dolley’s bipartisan social gatherings and attention to detail set the bar for future First Ladies and united Washington City after it was sacked during the War of 1812. Watch a preview of this upcoming film, along with special features and deleted scenes on our website.
  • Fantastic article at The Book Smugglers called Cover Matters: On Whitewashing. The number of examples of whitewashed covers they've collected there is remarkable, and the analysis is fascinating. They have also collected an outstanding collection of links to further reading.
    So, those are a few of the places that my internet journeys have taken me over the last month (probably more like the last two weeks). I'll try to remember to put a post like this together more often so I'm not dumping so many links on you at once! :) Have a great week!


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