Saturday, April 10, 2010

What My Kids Have Been Reading - April 10

We made a trip to the library this week because I needed to check out a reference book, and while we were there I let the kids pick out a few children's books too. They loved it there. They were so excited to look at all of the books and loved the rug that the librarians have put down in the children's section. Here are two of the books they have especially enjoyed:

Apples & Oranges: Going Bananas With Pairs by Sara Pinto (2007) was a book my son picked out. He proceeded to read much of it in the car on the way home from the library. Some of the words were a bit too hard for him (like "scuba" and "octopus") but for the most part he did really well. The book is humorous. It takes two items that are similar and asks how they are alike. I had to explain the concept of "alike" to my kids and it took them a few tries to get it down, but about midway through the book they were pros. So we looked at the two items--the first was apples and oranges--and tried to think of ways they are similar (ours was that they were both fruit). Then you turn the page and read the funny way that the items are alike--in this instance, they both don't wear glasses. The silly similarities made my kids giggle and they clearly enjoyed this book.

My daughter picked out Bored Claude by Jill Newton. She liked the cover and when I read her the title she was hooked (I don't really know why--bored is apparently an entertaining word LOL). Even though all of the other sea creatures are busy and having fun in their undersea garden, Claude is bored. He doesn't like to do any of the jobs that need to be done, so he goes home. When the work is done, he isn't invited to the party thrown for the workers. So he bakes a big, beautiful cake and brings it to the party. From then on, he becomes the snack coordinator for the group. It's a cute story that showcases the fact that everyone has different ideas of fun and different gifts, and that our gifts can be useful in unexpected ways. Cute story, very entertaining illustrations.

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