Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Buried in Virtual Paperwork!

I'm in the homestretch with my class (History of the US to 1877 taught entirely online for the local community college)--we're in the last two weeks of class and I'm buried in book reviews (yes, I give my students a book review assignment LOL) and next week I'll be buried in final exams. So, I definitely will not be posting daily over the next two weeks.

I do have several books read and ready to review (see my list of Upcoming Reviews in the right column), I just have to find some spare time to sit down and write about them. ;-) It drives me crazy to have this stuff back up so don't worry, I'll be posting within the next couple of days.

Oh, and a quick reminder that the Riddle of Berlin giveaway ends on May 7 and the Texas Roads giveaway ends next week on May 13. I've also got another couple of giveaways planned to open in May (one of historical fiction and one of speculative Christian fiction--have I mentioned that I have an eclectic taste in books?), so stay tuned!


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