Thursday, May 27, 2010

Classics in the Target Dollar Spot

Everytime I go into Target, I cannot leave without browsing through the Dollar Spot section. They always have something there I want/must have/can't live without--usually it's sticky notes or birthday cards or stickers for the kids. Today, though, they had books. Not just kiddie books (I've bought those there too) but paperback classics!

I picked up a new, unabridged & annotated Dalmation Press Classics copy of Wuthering Heights for $2.50. Great price, right? And there were several other classic books there for the same price, including Pride and Prejudice, The Phantom of the Opera, and Around the World in 80 Days. The artwork on the covers is pretty nice too*--it's not as lame (or flimsy) as I'd expect from a book for $2.50.

I took a pic with my webcam (which is why it looks so fuzzy) but it's a really nice book--the title and author lettering is in gold! So, if you need some summer reading books at a nice price, you should check and see if your Target is carrying them in their Dollar Spot!

*I just looked up the artist - Jim Salvati - and I am really loving his work. He's got some fantastic paintings based in the Harry Potter world (loving the paintings of Hogwarts castle and the Quidditch pitch).

**Hey FTC: I have no affiliation with Target and they have no idea that I'm blogging about this. I just came across a great book deal and had to pass it on!


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