Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Wishlist Wednesday: The Healer by Linda Windsor

I came across this fabulous book trailer at Lena Nelson Dooley's blog this week and put the book on my wishlist right away.

The Healer by Linda Windsor
Book One in the Brides of Alba Series
Available on June 1!
Book description (from the author's website):
In the time of King Arthur, a young female healer rescues a wounded stranger and grows to love him ...but with their love bring pain or peace to their strife-torn Alba? Brenna of Gowrys has grown up in hiding - hunted by the O'Byrne clan, who fear her mother's dying prophecy, and by her own kinsmen, who expect her to lead them against their oppressors. But Brenna is a gifted healer, not a witch or a warrior queen. So she lives alone in the wilderness with only her pet wolf for company. When she rescues a stranger badly wounded from an ambush, she believes he may be the answer to her deep loneliness. Healing him comes as easy as loving him. But can their love overcome years of bitterness and hatred?
Is that not a beautiful trailer? I'm so looking forward to this one!

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