Thursday, August 12, 2010

Reading Spree, Internet Shortage

Hey there! I'm currently sitting in McDonalds, drinking some OJ, and using their wifi. :) We're finally starting to get settled in our new digs, but a lot of our stuff is still in boxes (going from 2200 square feet to 1500 square feet made a huge difference in what we could unpack). We're currently renting my parent's old house (where I grew up!) until we find a house to buy here in our "new" town. We haven't lived here for about 11 years--a lot has stayed the same, but I'm amazed by how much has changed. I took my son to the elementary school to register for Kindergarten (*cry*) and took a tour of the campus where I went to school as a child. It is SO different. It was definitely a walk down memory lane, but I was so surprised by the major changes that have occurred over the last, oh, twenty years? Argh, I'm making myself feel extremely ancient today.

Living here has led to a lot less time on the internet. I have been saving my wireless broadband bandwidth for work-related stuff (since classes start soon I need to make sure I don't run out of bandwidth before the month is up). This has resulted in me getting a lot more reading done than earlier in the summer. I have actually had a couple of days in the last week or so that I read a book a day. It feels great to work on my TBR pile like this, but now I'm a little behind on my reviews. Once I'm less stressed with prepping for the start of Fall semester, I'll get more reviews written.

So, that's where I am and what I've been doing! I'm really enjoying my reading lately and am looking forward to telling you about the great books that I've finished. I know I've been a bit more MIA lately and I've not been blog-hopping much, but I have been skimming through my Google Reader even if I haven't been commenting much. I hope all is well on your side of the screen!


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