Thursday, November 4, 2010

Sorry for the slow down!

I know, I've been kind of quiet this week. I have a lot of books stacked next to my computer here, read and ready to be reviewed. My life has just been way too full of activity recently. My off-line life is keeping me really busy (who knew Halloween would last a whole week??), so I've fallen a little bit behind in my work--which means I have fallen a little behind here at the blog too. I don't plan for this slow-down to last too much longer. I'm trying to write up some reviews when I have extra time and I'll be posting them shortly.

On the reading front, I just finished Mirrored Image by Alice K. Arenz and it was fantastic. I'm looking forward to writing up the review. Have you read anything fabulous lately? Care to give the title a shout-out in the comments?


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