Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Classics Bookclub Wrap-Up

Classics Bookclub

The Classics Bookclub at 5 Minutes for Books is ending, so I went back to my start-up post to see how I did. I had to chuckle that I only read one of the books I mentioned in my sign-up post (Fahrenheit 451), but I did end up reading several other classics during the year that I hadn't planned on. Here are the classics I read this year:
So, I'm actually a little surprised, after making this list, that I managed to read six books that I would consider classics. Several of them were written during the twentieth century, which some people might disqualify from the moniker "classic" but most of them I think are worthy of that title. The only questionable one is the Georgette Heyer novel, but I think the book is OK in this category because of who the author is.

My favorite classic read this year was To Kill a Mockingbird, and that was a re-read (I read it the first time in high school). My least favorite was Around the World in Eighty Days, though that isn't going to keep me from giving Jules Verne another try at some point in the future. I'm positive I will continue to read and review classics on my blog, and I'd love to read more than six classics in 2011 (here I go, challenging myself for the new year!).

I've enjoyed the Classics Bookclub, though I wish I would have participated more. Thank you 5 Minutes For Books for hosting this enjoyable event!


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