Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Sorry I've been MIA!

Hoping These Few Lines Will Find You Well Postcard

I have really been meaning to get some more posts up, but I'm kind of buried right now in preparations for the start of Spring term at my community college (I teach online classes in US History). Unfortunately my class shells weren't loaded as early as I had hoped (so I could work on them over Christmas break) so I'm frantically trying to get everything updated before Tuesday. I have lots to say here about books I've read, but no time to type it up right now. I promise I'll get some more posts up once all my preparations are completed. Book Beginnings on Friday will go up as usual on Friday, but I may not have any other posts until next week.

And quickly, just something cool that I always enjoy looking at on other blogs: a Wordle of this blog's RSS feed.


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