Saturday, April 2, 2011

John Adams Readalong

Wallace at Unputdownables is hosting a John Adams Read-along and I'm joining in. I've been meaning to read this Pulitzer Prize-winner, but have been skittish about the sheer length of the thing. I mean, this book is huge. So, when I saw this read-along with a nice and leisurely approach to this daunting chunkster, I decided to give it a go. Here's the schedule:
Beginning Friday, April 1st and ending Friday, June 24th.


Week #/ dates :: Chapters to Read

Week One/ April 1-7 :: ch. 1
Week Two/ April 8-14 :: ch. 2
Week Three/ April 15-21:: ch. 3
Week Four/ April 22-28 :: ch. 4
Week Five/ April 29- May 5 :: ch. 5
Week Six/ May 6-12 :: ch. 6
Week Seven/ May 13-19 :: ch. 7
Week Eight/ May 20-26 :: ch. 8
Week Nine/ May 27-June 2 :: ch. 9
Week Ten/ June 3-June 9 :: ch. 10
Week Eleven/ June 10-16 :: ch. 11
Week Twelve/ June 17-23 :: ch. 12
Post #/ date post should be up on blog:

Start up Post/ April 1
Week One Review/ April 8
Week Two Review/ April 15
Week Three Review/ April 22
Week Four Review/ April 29
Week Five Review/ May 6
Week Six Review/ May 13
Week Seven Review/ May 20
Week Eight Review/ May 27
Week Nine Review/ June
Week Ten Review/ June 10
Week Eleven Review/ June 17
Week Twelve Review (Final Review)/ June 24

You all know how busy I am right now, but since this book covers the time period I'm teaching in my classes this term I think I can squeeze it in. Wish me luck! I think I need to go do some push-ups before I pick up the book to start chapter 1....


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