Saturday, July 2, 2011

July Birthday Giveaway!

Not only does the month of July include the birthday of the United States, but it is also my birthday!

To celebrate I'm going to be giving away books all month on this blog.

Giveaway #1: Christian Fiction (US only, ends Monday, July 11)
Winner: Heidi at Heaven is a Bookstore

Giveaway #2: The Secret Lives of the Four Wives (International, ends July 15)
Winner: Natasha A.

Giveaway #3: The Survivor by Sean Slater (International, ends July 20)
Winner: Liz V.

Giveaway #4: Blue by Lou Aronica (International, ends July 24)
Winner: Lieder Madchen at Songs and Stories 

Giveaway #5: Oliver Twist by Charles Dickens (International, ends August 1)
Winner: Tarina S. at My Bookshelf

Thanks to everyone who helped make this birthday celebration so much fun!


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