Wednesday, September 14, 2011

BBAW Day 3: Community

Today is day 3 of Book Blogger Appreciation Week! I'm not participating in every day of blogging (I've got a class starting up this week so I'm super busy) but I'm trying to participate in a few of the topics & I'm holding a giveaway. Today's topic is Community.

Keeping connected with the book blog community can be difficult for me at times. I get so busy with work and family activities that I barely have time to write posts for this blog sometimes, never mind trying to visit all of the blogs in my feed reader and leave thoughtful comments.

But I do want to stay connected, even when I don't have as much time to blog-hop as I have had in the past. Here are some of the ways I've tried to compensate:

I love being on twitter (@afewmorepages) because it seems like all of the latest news is there. Bloggers tweet about their newest reviews & blog posts and have interesting bookish discussions about all kinds of topics going on there. I certainly don't catch everything that happens on twitter (since I'm not on there all day) but I can get a nice sampling of what is going on when I am there.

I know I mentioned that I haven't kept up on reading the blogs in my feed reader as often as I used to, but one of the things that I've done to try to have more quality interaction with other bloggers is pare down the number of blogs I'm following. I have unfollowed blogs that do too many weekly memes and I only follow new blogs that I'm genuinely interested in. I'm not going to follow just to be eligible for giveaways. And I give myself permission to mark all as read when I've gotten overwhelmed by unread posts.

I also think that community activities are a fantastic way to stay connected with others in the blogging community. Dewey's 24-hour Read-a-Thon is a wonderfully fun group activity and I've also enjoyed BBAW and Armchair BEA as well. I've also quite enjoyed participating in a few readalongs, which I want to do more often because the discussions are fantastic. Allie at A Literary Odyssey hosts classics readalongs and Wallace at Unputdownables hosts a variety of readalongs, including non-fiction history--I hope to join in at both of these blogs again soon! Another community activity that definitely deserves mention is the Classics Circuit. I have read some great books and met some great bloggers through the Circuit and I'm looking forward to being able to participate again soon.

Those are some of the ways I've tried to stay connected with the book blogging community. Click here to see how other BBAW participants do community. What do you do to keep connected with the book blogger community?


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