Monday, October 31, 2011

Not For Resale! Respect the ARC

Advance Reading Copies (aka ARCs) are early versions of books sent out by publishers to reviewers and bookshop owners to help generate buzz for a new book. Uncorrected Proofs are essentially the same thing. They aren't made to be sold, and shouldn't be sold by the reviewers and bookshop owners who receive them.

Unfortunately, the way things should be isn't always the way things are. It is quite easy to find ARCs for sale on eBay on any given day. Author C.J. Redwine wrote up a fantastic post about it today at her blog (click here to read it). The selling of ARCs and Uncorrected Proofs annoys me to no end. What part of "NOT FOR RESALE" do people not understand? Apparently this is something that needs to stay on the radar, and since new bloggers might not be aware of this issue, I thought I'd jump on the bandwagon and post about it.

Here is a great vlog that Pam at made about selling ARCs (if you haven't seen it yet):

Here are a few more links to posts about not selling ARCs:

What do I do with the few ARCs I receive for this blog? Sometimes I keep them in my personal collection. Often I give them away here at A Few More Pages to help strike up some buzz about the book. But selling an ARC is not something I would ever consider doing. And I hope, now that you've become more educated about ARCs, you wouldn't choose to do that either.

Inspired by some of the "Respect the ARC" campaigns out there, I decided to make my own button. Feel free to grab it and use it on your own blog with my best wishes! Thank you for helping to spread the word about ARCs!



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